Ted’s Woodworking Projects

Whether you pursue woodwork as a hobby or professionally you’ll benefit from the exclusive approach Ted’s Woodworking Projects offers.   Ted’s Woodworking Projects is an absolutely worthwhile investment for a complete range of woodworkers, whether novice or expert. The package contains … Continued

Instant Woodworking Design

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Instant Woodworking Design Woodworking software because of the makers of Award-WinningDesignCAD Product InformationThe Woodworking Design wizards feature virtually limitless variants of do-it-yourself jobs.  The birdhouse project provides birdhouses made to attract certain bird types. Each wizard, including the birdhouse wizard, … Continued

Instant Woodworking Design V12

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Instant Woodworking Design V12 Woodworking computer software by the manufacturers of Award-WinningDesignCADProduct InformationThe Woodworking Design wizards function practically limitless variants ofdo-it-yourself tasks.  The birdhouse project offers birdhouses designedto entice certain bird species. Each wizard including the birdhouse wizardallows for custom … Continued