Ted’s Woodworking Projects

Whether you pursue woodwork as a hobby or professionally you’ll benefit from the exclusive approach Ted’s Woodworking Projects offers.

Ted's plans 15,986


Ted’s Woodworking Projects is an absolutely worthwhile investment for a complete range of woodworkers, whether novice or expert. The package contains all kinds of helpful information about woodworking, so no matter what you’re looking for, you should find it here.


Right from the basics of picking the kind of wood to use for a project, how to join the piece and the perfect way to finish the item, this kit will guide you through it. Whether to carve a small toy, furniture, a garden bench, a kitchen cabinet or a lawn shed, you will find very thorough information on it.

For beginners it’s ideal for learning and improving their standard of woodwork. There are tips and 150 videos to guide you.  For experts, there is a huge compilation of high quality plans that are challenging and inspiring at the same time.

Ted’s Woodworking is the most complete and descriptive package for woodworkers ever!



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